Max size file in desired directory

June 21, 2011, Tags: monad, haskell

While doing some refactoring work on solution from this guy1, I realized a pretty trivial thing about Manod method >>=.

Take a look at its definition:

Prelude> :t (>>=)
(>>=) :: (Monad m) => m a -> (a -> m b) -> m b

Both a and b ought to be some Monadic type! In other words, all computation glued together by >>= have same Manodic type.

It is really straightforward however I did not have that in mind.

Since I did want to define a function take a String and return a list of String while its implementation has several computations that return IO type. Obviously the function failed to compiled. Therefore I changed it to return IO [String].

-- FilePath is from package System.IO and it is synonyms of String
getFilesInDir :: FilePath -> IO [FilePath]
getFilesInDir inp = do 
  isDir <- doesDirectoryExist inp
  files <- if isDir then
               names <- getDirectoryContents inp
               forM [ inp </> x | x <- names, isNotSpecialDir x ] getFilesInDir)
           else return [[inp]]              
  return $ concat files


  • Full source code here2 or hpaste3 which is cool as give me several suggestions.
  • I think hpaste using hlint to do code analysis and provide suggestions
  • Actually it is possible to have multiple Monad in one do levarage Monad Transformers.