April 6, 2012, Tags: git

git svn init/fetch

git svn init [-s] URL
git svn fetch -r xxx|HEAD
  a) it gets out 'all' branches/tags/trunk when no specific -r
  b) by change some at branch, chdir to branches folder and play with git
  c) if specify with -r, means "Just want to checkout that revision"
                         then try git svn rebase to update to HEAD
git svn rebase

git svn clone

# if any problems with init/fetch, just clone and seems this is recommanded...
# seem should no targe name specified after URL
# verify with git branch -r should show all svn branches and tags
git svn clone [URL]

git svn branch

# create svn branch
git svn branch [svn_branch_1]

# set up local branch to dcommit to svn branch
git branch [local_branch_name] remotes/svn_branch_name

# do change at git local branch and merge into master with
git merge --squash
git commit
git svn dcommit

alternative with svn merge

svn mergeinfo ... :
  git log master..branchx (diff commits that in branchx but master)
  git branch [--no-merged|--merged]

svn merge --dry-run
  git merge --no-commit --no-ff